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Ray Liotta Poster

Ray Liotta Poster

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RAY LIOTTA POSTER: PRINTED ON 115GSM ECO 100 Recycled Paper, 1cm White Borders

 SIZE A3: Limited Edition of 30. 

Commemorative poster for the late Hollywood King RAY LIOTTA (December 1954 - May 2022). Alive in the stars and always in our hearts. Some favourite Ray performances: Narc, Lonely Lady, Something Wild, Goodfellas, Field of Dreams. 

  • Actor RAY LIOTTA was best known for being the charming bad guy. He saw acting as 'fun to play pretend'. Liotta took his craft without self-indulgence, valuing the screenwriter’s words over the director’s pretensions. We love him for his authentic, seductive and sometimes terrifying deliveries. Really, he was a humble family man who had never been in a fight in his life.

"Rest in peace to a good fella who played the perfect asshole." - Kevin Wong, COMPLEX



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